The Questions We Asked Ourselves Before I Quit My Day Job

I recently took the leap to being a stay-at-home-working-mom and it has been a big shift going from two “official” incomes to one. I recently wrote about the process on my blog in this post: And Then I Quit My Day Job.

If you’re looking to eventually be a stay-at-home parent or want to try starting your own business or doing freelance gigs then this post is for you!

When you are deciding to make the leap into being a full-time stay-at-home parent, it is wise to really consider all the factors that come into play.

Here are the questions my husband and I asked ourselves before we decided to become a one-income family.

The Questions We Asked Ourselves Before I Quit My Day Job

“Are We Financially Prepared?”

Thankfully, we worked hard and got ourselves out of debt and now only have the mortgage to consider. This is a huge relief and means that we need a lot less money to live on.

For married couples that will retain one income, it is still vital to consider what the loss of one income would mean to the family in general. Ideally, you’d want to have a cash fall back in your savings account of at least a few months’ worth of expenses just in case the primary source of income is disrupted.

“Can We Handle the Financial Changes?”

When reducing a two-income household into a one-income household, there will no doubt be some changes to your lifestyle. Budgets may be tighter and spending may need to be cut. Consider how you feel about having to make these changes and if they are something you can live with on a long-term basis.

Am I Ready for Full-Time Parenthood?”

Parenthood is a life-long endeavor but there are some people that can maintain a more balanced life by remaining in the 8 to 5 workforce. Consider what it will be like to remain in the home for long periods of time with your children as the sole focus of your day. There will be pros and cons to seriously consider.

Do I Have Support?”

As a stay at home parent, you may find yourself in unfamiliar territory that will require the outside support of others. Many parents that opt to stay home on a full-time basis may be criticized for their choices for a number of reasons. Consider what kind of support you’ll receive from family and friends during this transition in your life.

Is My Spouse/Partner in Agreement?”

There may be some cases where the other parent resents the decision for you to stay home with the kids. The discussion between couples about who gets to stay home and who continues working outside of the home should be a priority.

What Is Our Plan B?”

Sometimes, things just don’t work out as planned, so you’ve got to have a Plan B on deck. For instance, if money troubles were to pop up, how would things be handled? And, what would happen if you decided the stress of full-time parenting was too much for you?

What Are Our Long Term Goals?”

Kids don’t stay young forever. At some point, they will begin a full day of school and won’t necessarily need you to be home on a full-time basis. As kids grow, financial needs also grow. Consider your short and long term goals financially and personally so you’ll know what you have to look forward to and you can prepare in advance.


Did I miss any questions that should be asked before becoming a one-income family? 

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