How I Live Healthy Without Spending A Lot

I’ve heard it over and over again … “It’s too expensive to eat healthy.” If you think that living a healthy life just means expensive gym memberships and $300 grocery bills at the organic grocery store, then living a healthy lifestyle would indeed be really hard to afford! Really though, there are so many ways to be healthy, and the secret is knowing how to take advantage of what is available to you!

Here’s are my favorite ways to live healthy and they don’t cost much at all!

Think it's Too Expensive to be Healthy? Think Again…

Opt for Beans Instead of Meat

Beans are a such a good source of protein and also much less expensive than cuts of meat. Research healthy recipes that use beans as a primary ingredient so you can get the protein you need, a full stomach, and still have leftovers for the next day without blowing your grocery budget on pricey meats.

Just the other day I saw on the news that beef prices are on the rise, and it’s anticipated that the cost will just continue to increase. Here’s an article on the topic if you’re interested in reading about it: Tommorow’s Hamburger May Cost as Much as Today’s Steak.

Find Local Organics

If you live within the vicinity of a farmer’s market, take advantage of the deals on very fresh seasonal produce (Here’s a handy guide on my site: When Fruits and Veggies are In Season.)

For extra savings, visit the local market near closing time. Many vendors would rather give you a big discount (or free stuff) rather than having to repack and take it all home again.

Grow Your Own

No matter how much space you have at home, you can successfully grow your own produce. Did you know that many vegetable plants will grow well in containers? Try planting an herb garden on the kitchen window sill to make tasty stir-fry meals!

Skip the High Cost Weight Loss Products

With a proper diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, you can lose the weight you want and improve your overall health. Skip the ‘magic’ pills, pricey shakes, and costly pre-packaged diet foods.

Get to Walking

Don’t fall victim to the sales tactics of high-end exercise equipment, videos, and contraptions that claim to make fitness easy. Skip the costly gym memberships and just get your walking shoes on. Walk every day for 30 minutes to start and keep increasing your time. Walking is easy on the joints, completely free, and very effective at helping you stay healthy and fit.

Here a whole slew of free exercise ideas to get you started.

Eliminate Junky Food from Your Grocery List

Whittle your grocery list down to the basic and healthiest items. Try to take off as much pre-packaged, processed foods on your list. Plus, if unhealthy foods are not in your pantry or refrigerator you won’t be tempted to eat them, and the bonus is that your grocery bill can be significantly reduced by eliminating soda, chips, and candy.

Adopt Active Family Fun Practices

Rather than spend a ton of cash on eating at restaurants, going to movies, or other high cost activities, add activities to your family life that keep you all moving. Opt for a hike, a neighborhood bike ride, or a family dance competition! Brainstorm together to come up with ideas that are free and healthy.


What are your favorite ways to be healthy that don’t cost much?

Image source: Ben Moore

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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