Think Small! 8 Little Ways You Can Make Someone’s Day

Little ways to make someone's day
Little ways to make someone’s day

It’s the little things, right? That’s one of those universal truths that you don’t realize until you’ve had a perfect moment.

Here are 8 little ways you can change someone’s day:

Buy $5 gift cards. 

Distribute to strangers. Around Christmas, I spent $50 on ten gift cards from McDonalds, and handed them out to people on the street. It made me feel good because the person wasn’t getting just a hand-out, they were getting a cup of coffee, or a hot meal, or really, whatever they wanted, as long as it was from McDonalds. You could buy gift cards to Starbucks, too. Everyone needs a tasty treat once in a while.

Do an unexpected chore. 

Does your husband usually take out the trash? What about emptying the dishwasher? Who usually folds laundry? Every time you do something around the house that you don’t normally do, you’re making a huge statement: I love you, and I’m thinking about you. Your family will appreciate it, and who knows? They might even return the favor!

Give a sincere compliment to a stranger. 

Find out what they’d like to have acknowledged. It’s usually easy — people aren’t shy about expressing their interests. If you like a woman’s outfit, tell her! The other day, I saw a woman who had the brightest pink lipstick I’d ever seen outside of a magazine, and she rocked it. I told her how pretty it was, and she smiled and thanked me. This wouldn’t have worked if I were insincere though. Keep that in mind, and don’t BS someone.

Say nice things to people you know, too. 

A friend recently told me about the time he ran into my dad at a party, and my dad, completely out of nowhere, said, “You know what? You’ve really turned into a wonderful gentleman,” which made my friend blush, and aspire to be the gentleman my dad thought he was.

Pick up the phone.

Is there someone you love who you don’t talk to much? Give them a call. Catch up. Tell them how much they mean to you.

Put down the phone. 

Are you spending time with someone? Lucky you! Put your phone away, and turn it on vibrate. Give your friend, sister, husband, wife, long lost sorority sister, etc. your full attention. Don’t check in. It’s okay. Be in the moment. You’ll have a richer experience for it.

Put flowers on the table. 

Pick flowers, and put them out on the table. Make your space a little more beautiful. Enjoying cut flowers will make you happy. This applies to any space where you spend a lot of time: work, home, a friend’s house, anywhere. Flowers are lovely and inexpensive.

Send a postcard. 

Pick up a pack of “Wish you were here!” postcards and mail them out. Every person who gets one will be thrilled, and all you have to do is write a few lines. Challenge yourself: buy a pack of postcard stamps and mail enough postcards to get through your address book. Bonus: you can send photos you took too — upload them to a photo sharing site, and send them out.

Sometimes the grandest gestures really are small. Something that makes very little difference in your day, or wallet, can mean the world to someone else.

What did I miss? How have you made someone’s day?

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