How to Have the Ultimate Family Weekend (Without Breaking the Bank)

After several busy weeks of kids’ activities and work schedules and other chaos, it is good for a family to spend a weekend to truly unwind. With nothing on the schedule, families can make the best of a frugal weekend to recharge batteries and appreciate time spent together.

Lately, there’s nothing I enjoy more than hunkering down with my husband and our new baby to enjoy some cuddle time. He’s growing rapidly, so we really want to soak in all of the moments with him, and the weekend is the perfect time to do it because we can all be together. As our baby gets older, we’re going to make a habit of having un-plug weekends together.

Click through for 7 ideas for family weekends that won’t cost you much (if any) money …

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    Having fun with your husband and kids doesn't have to cost a fortune! Here's how to have the ultimate family weekend without breaking the bank.


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  • Start Friday Night 2 of 8
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    If the schedule is clear, plan for a three-day weekend exclusively with the family. Rent a family-friendly movie or two (or check out the great family selections on Netflix). Make sure there is popcorn. Have the kids arrange pillows and blankets on the floor, and then everyone change into their pajamas even if the sun is still up. Eat dinner on the floor during the movie for extra fun.


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  • Begin with Breakfast 3 of 8
    Begin with Breakfsat

    If Friday night activities are scheduled, start family time first thing in the morning. Get everyone together in the kitchen to make breakfast. Linger at the table making plans for the day. Forgo cleaning up the non-essentials, and save chores for another day to devote all your attention to the kids. 


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  • Take a Nature Walk 4 of 8
    take a nature walk

    Whether you can walk in your own neighborhood or drive to a local state park, pack a lunch and some snacks, and get outside. Bring a camera and take candid shots of the family spending time together to enjoy in later years. Getting out and being active is a good tradition to establish with your family. 

    We feel lucky to live in Colorado where there are tons of parks and trails to be active on.


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  • Let Each Kid Pick an Activity 5 of 8
    Let Each Kid Pick an Activity

    Don't monopolize family weekend time with just your ideas. Let the kids give their input, but stress the point of frugality and get them to offer ideas for free or low-cost activities. For younger kids, make a list of suitable activities, and let them choose what to do. By letting the kids have a say then you also have the added benefit of letting them know that you value their opinion and that their voice matters.


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  • Pull Out the Board Games 6 of 8
    pull out the board games

    To wind down on Saturday night, pull out the board games and enjoy some friendly family competition. There are games for kids of all ages and abilities, so make sure to choose something that can keep everyone involved. 


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  • Organize Teamwork Games 7 of 8
    teamwork games

    For some more family bonding, organize teamwork games like three-legged races or charades to get the family working together and having fun at the same time.


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  • Make Sundaes on Sunday 8 of 8
    sundaes on sunday

    As the grand finale of a family fun weekend, save some room after dinner to make some delicious sundaes. Let each kid pick a topping they want on their sundae. You may need a quick trip to the grocery to get the sundae fixins', but you'll still save a bunch of money than if everyone went out for ice cream.


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