Skip the Hotel: Why Vacation Homes are Winning the Accommodation War

Skip the Hotel - Why Vacation Houses are Winning the Accommodation War

After a lengthy winter, most of us are getting antsy to start thinking about getting out of town. My husband, Aaron, and I are definitely sick of being stuck inside, so travel is surely on our minds.

While we typically think about hotels or friends/families homes as our instant go-to accommodations while we’re away, we have been realizing that renting houses/apartments/condos at our destination is actually a lot more affordable (and interesting) than going with a standard hotel room.

There are several sites online including HomeAway.com, VRBO.com, and of course the most popular option is airbnb.com. All of these sites specialize in finding all types of rental homes in locations around the world.

Here are a few reasons why rental houses make more sense than hotels for vacations and out-of-town adventures.

Room for Everyone

If you are traveling with several people, a vacation house is a great choice. You’ll only have to rent one house rather than book several hotel rooms. Homes being advertised can accommodate a couple on a romantic weekend or thirty-six family members gathering for a reunion or wedding.

Budget-Friendly Pricing

If you are planning to rent a home with several others, it can be more cost-effective to split one place in several ways. If you rent a home for $600 a week with five other people, you spend just $100 on accommodations rather than $100 a night at a hotel. Most homes advertise rates for peak and off-peak times so you may get an even bigger discount.

Unlimited Amenity Options

With a hotel room, you may be able to find a place with an indoor swimming pool, a Jacuzzi tub, and an on-site gym. When you review the different rental homes being offered, you can get so much more. Find a place with a fenced-in backyard for the kids; Find a home in the mountains, on the beach, or with a lake front view; Find homes with a pool, pool table, or a boat launch. Renting a house can be a way to experience life with features you don’t usually have at your own home.

Pets Welcome

If you travel with your beloved pets, you can find plenty of homes that accept dogs, cats, and other pets. You’ll likely pay a fee for the pet visit but it can be much cheaper than paying boarding fees at a kennel and leaving your pets behind.

Get Away from It All

If you are in the mood for a relaxing retreat, you may not be able to find a hotel that is out of the way. Most hotels are set up in busy tourist spots but you can find lots of homes that are isolated to offer you peace and privacy.

Save More Vacation Cash

Renting a home can help save you money on your overall trip. With a full kitchen and most of the basic supplies, you can enjoy home-cooked dinners rather than expensive restaurant meals.

More Space and Convenience

Having a living room and separate bedrooms to relax in with the family is a definite plus rather than being cramped into a hotel room with just a bed or two. There is also the added convenience of having access to a washer and dryer in the home so you can pack clean clothes for your return trip home.


Would you consider renting a home on your next vacation? Why or why not?

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