Would You Try This Unusual Way to Save for a Trip to Hawaii?

Saving for Hawaii, $5 at a time
Saving for Hawaii, $5 at a time

My friend told me the other day about an unusual way to save that she used on a recent trip to Hawaii.

She and her husband really needed a vacation. They worked really hard. Both of them had started their own businesses and were in the phase where they spent all their time at their jobs. Come to think of it, they’re still in that phase. Working for yourself is really hard work!

They kept missing each other or only seeing each other when they were dog tired. She knew they needed a break. A getaway.

So she schemed. Unbeknownst to her husband, she’d been socking away money for months. Literally socking away money. In her sock drawer. When he’d come home, she would come up with some reason she needed $5, and she’d take money out of his wallet. She took money out of her wallet too. Every time she broke a $20, she’d put the majority into her sock drawer.

Until one day, she had enough. She waited until her husband came home, and told him, “I really want to go to Hawaii.”

He sighed. “I really don’t think we can afford to go. It’s not responsible to pay for a vacation using credit cards, and I just looked at our accounts — we don’t have enough.”

She smirked, then let him in on the secret. She showed him her drawer. It was filled with cash! He laughed and agreed that they really could use a trip. Since the money was there anyway and neither of them missed it while she was ferreting it away, he really couldn’t say it would be better to use it somewhere else.

So they went. They paid for a 7-day Hawaiian vacation in cash. Then, when they came back home, they were rejuvenated, relaxed, and ready to put their noses to the grindstone once more.

When I heard that story, I laughed. How silly! I thought. But you know? I’ve never been in their shoes. I’m an employee, so all of the money I bring in counts as my income. That’s not the case for these friends of mine. They have employees to pay, they have to pay rent on their businesses, and there are a number of other bills that accumulate quickly in their professions.

My friend knew that they’d never get to take a vacation with money that they earned in their businesses, because there’s always something more responsible to do with that money. So she saved cash. Hid it from her husband. Hid it from herself. She said she never knew exactly how much she had until she thought the drawer looked full, and sat down to count it.

I admire her willingness to save, even though the sock drawer is a highly unusual way to go about it.

Have you ever saved for something in an unusual way?

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Article Posted 2 years Ago

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