Write for Babble

If you’re interested in writing for us, please follow these guidelines exactly:

  • Search the site to see if your topic has been covered already.
  • If not, indicate in the subject line of your email what section of Babble your piece would run: Mom, Pregnancy, Baby, Toddler, Kid, Body + Mind, Work + Money, Home, Relationships, Entertainment, Beauty, Food, or Travel.
    Example subject line: Article for Mom: I Hate Going to the Park, Am I the Only One?
  • As concisely as possible, indicate if you’ve written for Babble before (include links to articles), and include 3-4 links to other things you’ve written. If you’ve never been published, that’s OK. Just let us know.
  • Tell us the topic of your piece in 1-2 lines maximum. Then explain your angle — your new contribution to the topic, what’s insightful/entertaining/counter-intuitive/poignant about your approach. For this, again, 1-2 lines maximum.
  • Give us the first paragraph of the piece and then an outline of the rest. If it’s a list, include a few sample entries.
  • If the piece is already written, include it as an attachment.
  • We are unable to accept submissions that have already been published elsewhere, including on personal blogs.
  • Only submit a piece once. We’ll circle back if we’re interested in considering your work for publication.

To submit your article or essay, email Megan Sayers.

Please note that because of the volume of email we receive, we aren’t able to respond to every submission, but we thank you for your interest in Babble!